About Fan Kicks

Fan Kicks are interchangeable shoes created for true fans. Tons of designs for Baseball and Video Game kicks in three styles: high tops, low-rise, slip-ons.

Because we use on-demand inkjet printing, we offer an endless variety of cool designs, which are always available in sizes from US 4 to US 13. Our illustrations range from classic logos to full color works of art. True fans can also choose from high top, low-rise, or slip-ons to fit their personal style.

We begin with Major League Baseball and Videogames licenses, however, more entertainment brands, teams, and categories are appearing every day.

The patented interchangeable upper technology allow individuals to zip off the sole and reattach a new upper at any time. Whether a fan is showcasing their love for a baseball team through a variety of team designs, or switching to another team or brand entirely, is up to them. Check out the video in "Swap the Top" to see how it works.

Fan Kicks canvas shoes are made with only the best materials. We use a high-quality ink-jet printing to display the team designs, the soles are vulcanized rubber, the toes are leather, the zippers are made by YKK, and the insoles are cushioned for extra comfort. They are perfect for everyday use.

Our team is located in San Francisco, home to a handful of large high-tech corporations. All of our printing is done in Orange, CA, enabling a fast turnaround.

This is just the beginning.....

Contact us at info@fankicks.com or join our mailing list to get updates.